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1 When does the promotion start and end?

The promotion starts on Monday 1st of May 2017 9:00am AEST and ends on Monday 31st of July 2017 11:59pm AEST or until the amount of prize packs on offer has been exhausted (whichever comes first).

2 Who is eligible to enter the competition?

You must be an Australian resident over the age of 18, who is a roof contractor/roof plumber employee, owner or contractor. Those who cannot enter the competition are employees, friends or relatives of Buildex or any of the related corporations or agencies associated with the program and employees of all authorised fastener distributors, roll-formers and other customers of Buildex. Redemption of prizes will be refused to those who do not meet the eligibility criteria.

3 How do I enter this promotion?

Eligible Entrant must, during the Promotional Period, purchase a minimum of 4000 Buildex RoofZIPs (50mm, 65mm or 55mm Roof-Lok) in a single transaction, then go online to and enter his or her details including (but not limited to) full name, contact phone number, email address, business name, supplier’s name, state of supplier, suburb of supplier and product purchase verification details and t-shirt size by 31 July 2017.

4 Which Buildex products do I need to purchase in order to enter the promotion?

Any 4 Buildex 1000 pieces boxes of 50mm or 65mm RoofZips fasteners or 4000 RoofZip Roof-Lok Cyclone assembly in one transaction

5 Can I enter this promotion more than once?

No, as there is only a limited amount of prize packs up for grabs, there is a restriction of one prize pack per person per qualifying purchase or per delivery docket.

6 How do you determine who receives a prize pack?

This competition is based purely on a first come, first serve basis! If your entry meets all the requirements and is eligible and you have only entered once and there are prize packs up for grabs you will receive one!

7 When will I receive the prize pack?

The Winners will be notified by phone or email by no later than 2 August 2017. Prize packs will be sent to the Winners to the address listed in the entry within 10 business days of the Winner being notified that he or she has won a prize pack.

8 What’s in a prize pack and how many prize packs are up for grabs?

The prize pack consists of a Buildex branded t-shirt, water bottle, cooler bag and cap. There are 500 prize packs on offer

9 What are the sizes of the t-shirt in the prize packs?

The following dimensions are all approximate measurements: You have a choice of the following sizes of Buildex branded t-shirt comes in a medium (chest 105cm), large (chest 110cm) and extra large (chest 118cm)..

10 Will you have my t-shirt size if I get a prize pack?

Buildex has taken great care to foresee the correct number of t-shirts sizes, if we do not have your selected size we will upgrade your t-shirt to the next size up. You will not be left shirtless!

11 Why do I have to select my supplier and where they are based?

Although we would love to personally deliver the prize pack to you, at times we may need to send it to your supplier of fasteners so you can collect it from them – we will contact you to see the best way for you to get your prize pack!

12 Am I still eligible to receive a prize pack if my purchase is outside of the promotion period?

Unfortunately, no. To receive a prize pack, you will need to purchase the eligible Buildex RoofZips within the promotional period between 1st of May 2017 and 31st of July 2017

13 I have trouble uploading my photo as proof of purchase – what do I do?

The photo must not exceed the size limit of 10MB. If you are having trouble, reduce the size of your image and upload it again or send an email with the photo and your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..